Will Coconut Oil Work For Your Skin Care Regimen?

coconut-oil-skin-careYou want me to rub what on my face!?

There are so many secret beauty tips and tricks out there it is hard to decipher fact from fiction. Sometimes skin care tips seem like common sense like stay out of the sun, but other tips throw you more of a curve ball like rub coconut oil on your face for *fill in the blank*.

Coconut oil is an all-natural beauty ointment to apply to the skin, and it is utilized for countless purposes. Some use coconut oil for moisturize and anti-aging cream by applying a thin layer to the face. Others use it as a makeup remover using the oil’s natural tendency to absorb dirt, chemicals and grime to easily rub makeup away. Whatever the use, coconut oil actually works very well!  Knowing this can save you tons of money on countless beauty products not to mention exposure to harmful exposure to chemicals.