How Grandchildren Show They Love You

Valentine-Day-Potato-Heart-StampsWhat a Picture’s Worth

Refrigerators nationwide are covered with crayon-heart-filled cards and drawings like the ones that Agi Neumann’s two granddaughters send her. “My two granddaughters are always making me cards and they keep getting better and better at it,” says Neumann, 76, of Cranford, N.J. One year, the girls gave her a handmade, bead-and-rhinestone-covered box for the holidays, which she still keeps in a place of honor in her living room. Why? “Because my two granddaughters made it and I know it must have taken a lot of time,” she says. “They looked so proud when they presented it to me, waiting for the oohs and ahhs. And did I ever ooh and ahh! The workmanship is beautiful and so is the ”