How Grandchildren Show They Love You

580fa26e8ee3b78702a6b4c20f65884b_how-grandkids-show-love-580x326_featuredImageYour grandchildren know you love them. After all, you tell them over and over again and you shower them with gifts, goodies, and affection.

But how do they show you? Is it hugs and kisses? The way they run down the driveway when you arrive for a visit? Or the cute nicknames they give you?

“It doesn’t take too much to make a grandparent feel special; grandchildren make their grandparents feel special from the minute they’re born,” says Robin Hewitt, 51, of Mayodan, N.C., grandmother of five and coauthor of The Joyous Gift of Grandparenting: 101 Practical Ideas & Meaningful Activities to Share Your Love (Hatherleigh). “You don’t need to give us flowers or candy on Valentine’s Day; just a hug and a kiss will work, and maybe a handmade card. It’s the little things that make us smile.”