Botox Injections – Usage, Benefits & Side Effects

Risks and Side Effects

Just like the majority of other procedures, Botox injections come with risk and side effects, although they are very minor. The most common of which are pain at the sight of injection, bruising and occasional headaches. Bruising can usually be avoided if you refrain from taking ibuprofen and aspirin due to the fact that these medications thin the blood, making it easier for bruises to form. If you decide Botox is right for you, you’ll be instructed to skip these two medications for at least 2 weeks before your appointment.

I have two pieces of advice for those that have decided on joining the 11 million Botox users: natural is good. It is best to ask your doctor for a natural, healthy look as apposed to looking like you’re permanently shocked. Lastly, Botox injections are commonly offered at spas and injection parties. This might sound like a great idea, but trust me – the treatment should only be performed by a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Written by Rebecca Rinke. She can be found on Facebook and Linkedin.